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oo = own opinion I used one or more methods of identification to reach my own conclusion or verify another site's or person's opinion
gi = general internet This celebrity is typed according to popular opinion on the internet, sometimes verified by the celebrity themselves
su = is no longer the best socionics site in my view, now ties for first place!  Both are very friendly, approachable sites.  I will gladly give credit to when appropriate and I've been able to unlock some more faces via this site
sc = This is the best site on the web for identifying celebrities, and the celebrity is identified according to their type at
tt = type tango I used (an MBTI dating site) to visually identify a celebrity.  This can be unreliable (it depends on the people posting to type tango knowing their type without error), but I feel it is very useful and valid
tl =  The administrator and founder of the typelogic site is pretty good.  I don't know how he consistently verifies celebrity types without using VI.  I give him full credit for his work, although when I credit "tl" after a celebrity, I have verified his or her type using VI.
A question mark indicates that it is a work in progress (I am not at least 90% sure).  Quite frankly a question mark belongs after most of the celebrities whose types are my own opinion.  I am doing my absolute best to be honest and make sure I am taking this seriously.  No trenchant criticism please!
An exclamation point indicates that I am very sure of this person's type (hopefully the exclamation points will outnumber the question marks as I improve my VI skills!).
Please e-mail me if you think you deserve credit for a celebrity's type whom I list and I will give you credit upon verifying that you discovered it. 
Holly Marie Combs (actress, Charmed) (sc) (oo)
Marcia Cross (actress, Desperate Housewives) (oo)
Roma Downey (actress/Touched by an Angel(oo)
Howard Stern (radio/media celebrity)  (oo) (possible ENFp - I do NOT think Howard is T)
Mother Theresa (late religious figure)  (oo)
Avril Lavigne (pop star)  (oo)
Dolly Parton (singer/actress) (oo)
Dave Ellefson (formerly of Megadeth(oo)  (?)
Fred Rogers (late minister/children's television  (tl)  (oo)
Princess Diana (late British royalty)  (oo)
Bob Dylan (popular musician)  (oo)  (? - I do not think INFp anymore, but I don't know the alternative)
Ringo Starr (one of two living Beatles members)  (oo)  (?)
James Hetfield (Metallica) (sc) (su has ISTj)
Mike Royko (late journalist/columnist)  (gi)  (oo)
Milton Friedman (nobel winning economist)  (gi)  (oo)
Freddie Mercury (late British rock star/Queen(oo) [su has ENFj]
Meryl Streep (actress)  (oo)  (?)
Gates McFadden (actress/Star Trek) (sc has INFj)  (oo)
Bret Michaels (rock star/Poison(oo)  (?)
Chelsea Clinton (ex-President's daughter) (oo) (??) (Cannot tell and she changed her appearance, causing further difficulties)
Bob Newhart (actor, comedian) (gi)
Diane Sawyer (journalist)  (oo)
Leonard Nimoy (actor/Star Trek(gi)
Bob Brinker (Financial guru/moneytalk(oo)
Vince McMahon (sports entertainment/WWF(oo)  (?)
Betty Friedan (author/feminist)  (oo)
Winona Ryder (actress)  (oo)  (?)
Nancy Reagan (former first lady)  (gi)  (oo)
Florence Henderson (Crisco(oo)
Al Gore (former Vice President)  (oo)
Cliff Burton (late rock star/Metallica(oo)  (?)
Susanna Thompson (actress/Borg Queen(oo)  (possible N?)
Kirk Hammett (Metallica) (sc)
Tim Mahoney (rock star from Omaha/311) (oo) (?)
Johnny Carson (late comedian from Nebraska)  (tl)  (oo)
Naveen Andrews (actor/Lost(oo)
Jesse Jackson (politician/former Presidential candidate)  (oo)
Antonin Scalia (U.S. Supreme Court justice)  (oo)  (?)
Geena Davis (actress)  (oo)
Lindsey Lohan (actress)  (oo)
Ben Nelson (U.S. Senator from Nebraska)  (oo)
John Schneider (actor)  (oo)
Prince Charles (Prince from Great Britain)  (oo)  (?)
Helen Hunt (actress)  (oo)
Maureen McCormick (Brady Bunch(oo)
Hillary Clinton (politician)  (oo)

Topher Grace (actor/That 70's Show(oo)
Frankie Muniz (actor/Malcolm in the Middle(oo)  (?)
Harrison Ford (actor)  (su)  (I originally thought Harrison is ISTP, but tl posted him as an ENTJ.  WRONG!)
Chyna (former pro wrestler/reality TV) (oo) (?)
Paris Hilton (celeb)  (oo)
Reba McIntyre (singer/actress) (oo) (?)
Nick Nolte (actor born in Omaha)  (sc)
Anni-Frid Lyngstad (70s pop star/ABBA(oo)  (?)
Shakti Gawain (author)  (oo)
Ashton Kutcher (actor)  (oo)  (??)
Sheryl Crow (musician)  (oo)  (?)
Eric Johnson (musician)  (oo)  ( ! )
Marty Friedman (musician)  (oo)
McLean Stevenson (late actor/M*A*S*H(oo)
Adam Bold (entrepreneur/financial radio show host)  (oo)
Marina Sirtis (actress/Star Trek(oo)  (?)
Paul Stanley (rock star/KISS(oo)
Dee Snyder (music world celebrity)  (oo)  (?) (Very long face, comical)
Stephanie Niznik (actress, Everwood) (oo)
Norman Schwarzkopf (U.S. military/Gulf War commander)  (tl,oo)
George Will (American journalist)  (oo)
Dave Mustaine (rock star/Megadeth(oo)  (?)  [I spent a lot of time and thought on Mr. Mustaine.]
Marilyn Quayle (wife of former US Vice President)  (oo)
John F Kennedy (US President)  (?!)  (oo)  [I think ENTj is worth a look]
Al Yankovic (musician/comedian)  (gi)  (oo)
Steven Adler (drummer/formerly of Guns n' Roses(oo)
Matt Drudge (journalist)  (oo)  (?)
Frank Zappa (musician)  (oo)  (? but very -N-p)
Lars Ulrich (Metallica) (sc)
Allison Mack (actress, Smallville) (oo)
Melissa Gilbert (actress/Little House on the Prairie(oo)  (?)
Emily Van Camp (actress/Everwood(oo)  (possible ESTJ?)
Nancy O'Dell (eye candy/Access Hollywood(oo)  (?)
Rush Limbaugh (conservative/talk radio)  (oo)  (??)
Laura Schlessinger (don't ask me)  (oo)
Nancy Pelosi (politician from California)  (oo)
Susan Olsen (actress, Brady Bunch) (oo)
Conor Oberst (rock star from Omaha) (oo)
Sam Kinison (late comedian)  (oo)
Mark Slaughter (rock star/Slaughter(oo)  (?)
John Beasley (actor from Omaha/Everwood(oo)
Roseann Arnold (actress)  (oo)
Gene Simmons (rock star/KISS(oo)
Natalie Horler (pop star/Cascada(oo)
Amy Lee (Evanescence(oo)
CC DeVille (rock star/Poison(oo)  (?)
Juliette Bergmann (world class bodybuilder)  (oo)  (?)
Charlie Weis (football coach/Notre Dame(oo)  (?)
Jack Welch (former GE CEO)  (oo)
Bruce Williams (talk radio)  (oo)
Thomas Hayden Church (actor/Spiderman 3(oo)  (Arnold Swartzenegger-like character in Spiderman 3.)
Tatum O'Neal (actress)  (oo)
Mariah Carey (singer) (oo)
Tom Araya (rock star/Slayer(oo)  (?)
Tommy Lee (rock star/celeb)  (oo)  (?)
Ronald Reagan (late U.S. President)  (oo)  (?)
Judge Judy (sharp tongued TV judge)  (oo)
Natalie Imbruglia (singer)  (oo)  (?)
Charles Bronson (actor)  (oo)  (? possible ENFj)
Deirdre McCloskey (eminent scholar/economist) (oo)
William Tecumseh Sherman (Civil War general)  (oo)
Axl Rose (musician)  (oo)
Amy Winehouse (singer)  (oo)

Editorial comment  I don't like the MBTI.  In my studies I have reached the conclusion that trying to observe a person's outer behaviors and then concluding his or her type is fraught with errors.  Socionics is superior to the MBTI: if you know person A's type, and the type of interpersonal relations (via socionics) they have with person B, you have figured out person B's type.  Visual identification is the most powerful practical application of social science that I have ever seen in my life.  If the MBTI is like a ten speed bicycle then socionics is like a 2005 model racing motorcycle in comparison.  econ
I had a thought (11/28/2005)...I've noticed that a lot of women that I meet or attempt to VI look like ESFJs or it because I am better at identifying these types of women, or do they comprise the plurality of the population of women in the U.S.?  One would expect (based on the stale research of Myers and crew) that more women would be ESFPs than ESTPs...based on my limited research the opposite seems to be the case.  I do not earn my living from this, therefore I do not have the time or resources to test this hypothesis scientifically.  But I will continue to be skeptical of the MBTI...econ
Update 02/24/2006 I haven't forgotten about my site, and I very much (and I cannot express this in words very well) appreciate people viewing my site!  It seems to receive a steady amount of visitors.  Right now I am just too busy to post new celebrity types very often.  I have a few more today and hopefully I'll have some time this summer to add many more.  I hope to reach 100 for the most common types and at least 20-30 for the less common.  I also wish I could express how fascinating doing something like this is.  If you have requests or comments don't hesitate to e-mail me!  econ
Update 06/12/2006  I haven't forgotten about my site.  I wish I had more time for VI'ing.  I wonder how many people in the world can do this.  (I consider myself barely intermediate as far as this goes, by the way.  But it's fun!)
Update 07/24/2006 A few more celebrity types occurred to me recently.  I found and it's an excellent site, very useful.  It also helps to remember that even the best experts may disagree on a celebrity's type.  But each can have only one!
Update 10/31/2006 Thank you for your support.  If you are reading this, you are supporting me.  I have no idea why I am doing this.  It is best explained as an addiction!
Occasionally I will think of a celebrity's type or someone's type whom I know personally and I will suddenly simply realize the person's type.  I wish I could do that all the time (and at will).  Believe me, some days are better than others.
Update 02/11/2007 I think more and more people are attempting to sharpen their VI skills. I like to add celebrities to my site and it's fun, but keep in mind that 1) I would be nowhere without Sergei's and Rick's sites and 2) I am still an amateur. It takes serious study and thought to master socionics and I am certainly not at that point. I like the place I'm at right now but I still need to improve.
Update 06/08/2007 Help! Does anyone have a reasonable guess regarding Hillary Clinton's type? I thought ENTp after not being able to verify that she is an INTj in my opinion. Please refer to my question at or e-mail me.

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